Introducing the
Super 15 Challenge.
At Imagination Lab (iLab), our biggest goal is to produce 15 of the worlds most sought after software developers in every quater of the year. We believe in the power of a collaborated force in addressing the needs of the public and that is what we are calling you to join.
This is iLab (Imagination in the Laboratory)
At iLab, we are building a force by creating a learning and production lab where people can learn, think and develop ideas that will sustain first the public and then the globe as whole.

iLab is designed to develop participants by training them on the latest technologies and skillset.

We also have open sessions to explore opportunities in the community.

We also fund such ideas if regarded viable and create connections that will help sustain same.

- Apple products are built not by just developers but musicians, artists and all those who will use it.

Steve Jobs

We are bringing together minds to learn and synergize to build a force that will challenge the status-quo and birth a revolution.

Our Programme
Our mission is to drive innovation throughout Africa by providing entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups and small businesses with dynamic, curated, enabling environment designed to cultivate creativity, increase productivity and encourage community building.


This is a 3 month program which aims to inspire, educate, coach and facilitate youth in accelerating their own enterprise.

tReal Time Experience

In addition to equipping you with all the knowledge and skills you need, you will also be place on Real Time Experience of Real Life Projects. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing.

¡Open Sessions

Open sessions for entrepreneurs and startups. Here a trivial community based problem is picked and a seasoned facilitator is called upon to address it with the startups, providing practical approaches to tackling it.

KIdeas Incubation

iLab is a startup incubator and accelerator network center that works to identifying talented individuals/teams who have ideas and support the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to solve real local market problems/issues.

Projects From the Lab
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